About Rien

For me, art is a my way to self-expression, a communication without words.

Paint inks

Contemporary art, zentangles, doodles, mixed media, ink, markers, acrylics, collage, art on demand by Rien Arts

Each tangle exists of minuscule drawings and structured patterns. The collage art added, makes every artwork unique. The scribble technique drawings show a deeper dimension by hand coloring with acrylic ink.



The sculptures are shaped, build with a construction of glass fiber and a bio-resin system. Mixed-media are often added.


Contemporary art, ink drawing, acrylic-ink, scribble-technique, colours, Rien Arts, painting for sale, pure cotton

Humanity, a variety in personalities, emotions and hidden stories form the inspiration for Rien’s art. This inspiration, combined with the exploration of new medium and techniques synergises in the created art, a never-ending journey for the artist.