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Abstract painting: bits & pieces

november 5, 2017 by Rien Aerts

Abstract painting: ‘Bits & pieces ‘
This abstract painting might look as bits and pieces of people.
It has a symbolic value.
The artwork shows the conversation between different personalities.
On the left an empathic person appears. (Large ear: good listener, Earring in heart shape: listening with the heart)
In the middle an introvert person showing one closed eye, tears.
On the right, the figure is strong, self-confident (a big strong tree, the mountains)
This painting is a story about energy between people.
Just let your eyes walk and discover connection between the bits and pieces.
Each person will discover a different story, an identification with his/her inner-feelings.
That is what art is about…

The painting is 60/80
The medium is canvas covered with recycled paper of an old book Charles Dickens
The acrylic paint is sealed for protection and for contrast.

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