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Buzz-ted Exhibition

september 18, 2017 by Rien Aerts

Buzz-ted Exhibition


As the southern hemisphere hibernates (and hopefully re-hydrate) a swarm of contemporary South African artist are working towards an art event for early spring. Their collective aim is to create awareness of the desperate state and decline of the bee population and the potential devastating impact on the environment and agriculture in South Africa and the rest of the world.

The art “invasion” is planned as a creative way to shine a light on this serious problem but also celebrate the art community’s ability to “cross pollinate” traditional, contemporary and social art in many mediums.

The exhibition will have various components, including:

1. Alternative medium sculpture and installation art installed at the beautiful Almenkerk Art Estate
2. “Art Bombing” the OPEN HOUSE on Long street for the month of September as an awareness campaign for the exhibition as well the plight of the honeybee.
3. Art exhibition at Almenkerk Art Estate – this will include artworks addressing the topic in painting, print making, sculpture, collage, assemblage, ceramics and alternative mediums.

Participating artist include Jaco Sieberhagen, Riaan van Zyl, Michele Rolstone, Collen Maswanganyi, Carin Dorrington, Hubert Barichievy, Noleen Cleve and many more.

This exhibition is curated by Alex Hamilton in collaboration with Dirk Durnez of Cast

Exhibition opened on 2 September 2017 and runs until December 2017.

For more info follow the hashtag #BuzztedArt

Address: Almenkerk Art Estate, Viljoenshoop Road 50, Grabouw, 7160, South Africa



OPENING HOURS:�Tue-Sun 10h00-16h00
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