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Material One (AcrylicOne)

mei 31, 2016 by Rien Aerts

Material One (AcrylicOne)

My sculptures consist of Material One (AcrylicOne)  and a  construction of fibreglass. The decorations are done with acrylics and protected with a special sealer.

Material One  (AcrylicOne) is a two-component material and consists of a mineral powder and a water based acrylic resin. These bond and result in a very strong material. Material One (AcrylicOne) is environmentally friendly, non toxic, fire resistant and easy to use. This solvent-less system has little to no shrinkage and a variety of fillers can be added to create natural stone or metal effects.

Material One  (AcrylicOne) must be carefully weighed and mixed. The mixing ratio is 2 parts powder mixed with 1 part resin. Use the stainless steel shear Mixer to create a swirl.

Material One  (AcrylicOne) is essentially an organic composite ideally suited for hand or spray lamination to create lightweight cladding systems. The process of lamination is similar to that employed in the manufacture of laminates.


The advantages of Material One (AcrylicOne)  in art and sculpture :

  • Freedom of form, can be laminated or sprayed, it is not limited in its final form. Flat, bended or curved or even multi dimensional curved forms are possible.
  • Safe to work with. No special requirements are needed while working.
  • Cure quickly. After 20 minutes starts curing. If needed the setting process can be accelerated or retarded.
  • EPS foam or polyurethane foam can be used to make any form wanted.
  • Your own final look can be chosen by just adding pigments and/or fillers such as coloured sand or even small stones. By using these you will always get unique art.
  • Lightweight because of the usage of Triaxial fibre as reinforcement.
  • Excellent fire resistant characteristics, because Material One (AcrylicOne)   is classified in ration to its reaction to fire.
  • Limited investment in equipment this product is suitable for both small and big sculptures or objects.

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